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    The following colours descriptions of the aura  can give you a general insight into  how to interpret the aura. Please be aware  that colours, as well as shapes and combinations of colours play an imminent role in aura interpretation,  as all colours have both positive & negative elements


Desire, vitality, power, the urge to win, to have success, intensity of experience, action,  struggle, competition, possible anger, leadership, strength, courage, passion, eroticism, earthiness, practicality, desire for possessions, sense of adventure, the survival instinct,  often entrepreneurs.  


Creativity, confidence, relationships, sociability, intuition or gut feeling. The ability to reach out and extend one's self towards others, people who deal with the public have orange auras, possible relationship challengers.


Sunny and enthusiastic, cheerful, bright, great sense of humour, optimism, intellectuality, openness to new ideas. Uninhibited expansiveness, release of burdens, problems and restrictions if happy, but can be analytical and controlling if unsettled . People with yellow auras encourage and support others by naturally being themselves; they radiate like the sun and are often excellent teachers of some kind, but not necessarily main stream education  .  


Perseverance, tenacity, firmness, patience, sense of responsibility and service, self assertiveness, high ideals and aspirations, dedication, puts high value on work and career. Ambitious desire for respectability and personal attainment, deeply focused and adaptable. Green is also the colour of counsellors, cares, and companionate based support work.   


Depth of feeling, devotion, loyalty, trust, desire to communicate. Puts great importance on personal relationships. Empathic. May be a dreamer or have artistic ability. Possibly tend to put the needs of others before their own and may have the ability to meditate. Blue may be emotionally sensitive, intuitive, inwardly focused, may enjoy solitude, non-competitive activities, They need a calm and tranquil environment. Often  spiritual seekers, and people looking for truth, justice and beauty in everything.  


Magical, original, tends to be unconventional, often has psychic abilities, unusual charisma and charm, People who have purple auras appreciate tenderness and kindness in others. Not especially practical, they tend to prefer to live in a dream world of their own creation. "violet or purple" entertainers, movie stars, free thinkers, visionaries, revolutionaries, Dark violet could indicate a need to take charge of their life, possibility for depression if ungrounded.  


Spiritually motivated, the ability to be open & receptive to the divine, or spiritual world. Can merge with ALL THAT IS. Probably unconcerned with worldly matters or ambition. Inner illumination, cosmic wisdom characterise the white energy. Young children, energy workers, and people who meditate intensely often will show bright white in their auras.

However dull murky white can suggest tiredness and exhaustion .  

Aura Colour Interpretations.