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Equipment Available

The  Aura  Capture Techniques  we offer can be broken down into two categories.

  Static Polaroid / Bio feedback Cameras

   Computer Based / Bio feedback Devices


           This traditional  Aura  Camera is  the most  commonly  seen equipment used today, they have been present at many of the Worlds best Mind Body Spirit Shows for the past 15 + years.  The original  was based on concept  discovered by  Russian scientist Nikola Tesla, this unique process is still evolving  today giving us a tried and tested  system  with a sound  history.            

       The  second of   the  two is  the Computer  Based Bio feedback System, unlike the previous Camera this method  works to an analytical based program, it analyses  the bio feed back  data  into colour frequency ranges and then produces  a print out  using  the principals of  colour psychology.  Computer based   readings, comprise of multiple choice printouts on a sliding price scale that offer the customer up to 29 pages of comprehensive information,  relating to your personal aura and how to interpret the information, which may aid your  personal growth.

** Live Aura Video **

    A state of the art computer based system that uses images and Bio feedback technologies to capture live video footage,  it then displays the colour interpretations of your living energies, these sessions can be recorded  to Video CD  for play back on most computers .  Capture the hidden colour energies of a healing or therapy session.

Still shots taken from  an  actual  Live Video  Session.

Instant  cameras images