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   We  now live in an era when the scientific model is shifting to quantum physics and a new paradigm of an energy based reality, this welcomed change not only opens up many new possibilities, it also heralds a  re-discovered in the validity of  an holistic approach  to all  life. One that validates life forms as energy  based  organic bio electric organisms.  

An aura is what we refer to as the etheric energy body, and is the energetic space that is  around us, that is non physical, it  consists of excited  atoms and molecules, and  is considered to be  the fabric of consciousness its self.  From seeing the colour energy image on the left we can see the light from the Sun being split to show us the seven rays of visible colour, a rainbow.

      All auras are different  in,  form, colour, strength & density they are a energetic  representation of many aspects of your  physical, emotional & spiritual self, and can change on a regular basis. However  some characteristics tend to stay reasonably consistent which is dependent  on  the personality traits  of the individual. If you are of a stable well balanced  disposition then I would expect to see a consistency in  your general underlying colours, but if you are less stable and enduring a difficult chapter in your life then many elements of your aura can become unstable & changeable.