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Aura Interpretations   provides a variety of products & services that can be used to help support  Personal, Professional growth &  development  in an informative and entertaining manor. It brings together the culmination of many years of spiritual growth and experience from a personally presented perspective.  We can offer a varied collection of Aura capture techniques from the  traditional Aura Photography & Psychic Readings, to the technically advanced   computer based  systems that offer  analytical readings based on the theories of colour  psychology. Plus a system that offers a new perspective to any energy based therapy or product.

We are a UK base mobile setup  located in East Anglia, we travel both near and far and will always consider requests throughout the UK and beyond for a negotiated rate.

     Much has changed over  the years in the field of aura imaging, from  the techniques use  to  the vast technological advances in

both equipment  and  products.  

    We are very  proud  to  say,   we use and supply only the best products available today scored direct  from  the  leading manufacturers of  aura equipment, with  over 25+ years of experience & development, we trust in the original  and the best Aura camera.  Simply because  over the past 5 plus years we have hands on experience of using  products from both camps in a commercial setting. Reliability from experience.

      The amazing images presented below have  been captured  by a  computer based   system,  it combines both live imagery and   Biofeedback  technologies to provide what is considered to be a step forward in the understanding  of  what’s  happening during the act of healing. This new visual  representation  displays energies  in the  frequency  response of colour, we can clearly see the interactions of  both the healer and the client as they are in a healing exchange.

 Welcome to The World of Aura Imaging. 
Live Aura Capture
Static Aura Capture

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